History of UpReach

The History of UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.


UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. was founded in 1992 in Goffstown, New Hampshire with two volunteers and a borrowed horse. 96 acres and barn were previously owned by Nackey Loeb and her daughter, Edith Loeb Tomasko. The Loeb family published the Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News newspaper, which are still the only statewide news publications. Nackey owned, bred, and trained 30 thoroughbred horses on the 96 acres of land. After Nackey Loeb became partially paralyzed in a car accident, Tomasko thought that riding could be beneficial. Although her mother did not take advantage, Tomasko continued to explore the idea that riding could provide a way to physical and mental health. After the death of her mother, Tomasko facilitated the transfer of the property and barn to the UpReach center in 2002.

UpReach received its first premier accreditation from NARHA (Now PATH, Int.) in 2006 and consistently has received premier certification recognizing it as one of the most effective and respected therapeutic riding centers in America. Today, UpReach is home to 18 horses certified for both therapeutic riding and driving. UpReach serves 175 participants in varied year-round programming, employs 6 full-time and 2 part-time staff, as well as has more than 120 active volunteers.