Please click here for the Adopt-A-Horse brochure which contains information about the program, as well as the required form for those who wish to "adopt" one of our wonderful equines.

What is the Adopt-A-Horse Program?

The Adopt-A-Horse Program enables UpReach to defray the expenses of acquiring and maintaining horses used in programs. Individuals, organizations or businesses may make a lump sum donation to adopt a horse ("Benefactor") and the funds will be used for the purchase of a new horse or the replacement of the adopted horse.  Annual pledges ("Caretaker") may be made for the upkeep of a particular horse. Smaller donations may also be made to the general horse fund, to be used on equipment and tack.

Is my adoption permanent?

Benefactor Adoptions remain in place until the horse is retired from the program. In the event that a horse is deemed unsuitable for the program and is sold, the proceeds from the sale will be used to purchase a replacement horse, the Benefactor Adoption will shift to the replacement horse.

Caretaker Adoptions are annual commitments, commencing the date the donation is received. The donation or monthly pledge must be renewed yearly to remain in place.

Will my funds be used exclusively for my horse?

All funds received through the Adopt-A-Horse Program will be used exclusively for the development and maintenance of a sound, sane, and usable herd for the UpReach Program. Benefactor funds are earmarked for the purchase of horses and Caretaker funds are directed to feed, bedding, shoes, veterinary care, etc. The monthly Caretaker pledge amount is based on an average monthly cost to maintain an average horse. Some horses require more, some less. Caretaker funds are pooled and used for the overall herd.

What do I get in return for my donation?

You/your family/company/corporation and/or organization will receive an abundance of recognition for your generosity. You will receive a Certificate of Adoption with a photo of your horse and a duplicate Certificate will displayed at UpReach. You will also receive recognition on the UpReach website, and other printed materials.

Will my donation be tax deductible?

UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center is a recognized non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Under most circumstances, your donation will probably be tax deductible, however you should check with your tax adviser.

Can two or more individuals pool funds to adopt a horse?

Yes, two or more persons or organizations may "partner" to adopt a horse. The adoption certificate will recognize all donor partners.

Can I visit my horse?

You are welcome to stop by and visit your horse during normal program hours, but we suggest that you call ahead to determine when your horse is not on duty. You will not be allowed to ride your horse due to insurance regulations, however in some circumstances, you may be allowed to brush your horse and assist with some of his daily care on occasion. Always ask a member of the staff for assistance.

How will donations to the General Horse Fund be used?

Donations to the general horse fund will be used for general maintenance of the herd as well as for special needs, feed or medical supplements, special training, the purchase of equipment such as blankets, saddles, and bridles, and special projects geared toward making our horses more safe and comfortable (such as fencing and run-in sheds) or more productive (such as round pen and other training equipment.)

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