Meet The Herd


RETIRED - Aerostar is not currently providing lessons and has retired from the program. We want to thank Aerostar for providing therapeutic riding lessons and sharing her special talents with us!

28 year old Brown Blanket Appaloosa Mare; 15 hh

Donated to us by Beverly Wilson-Ball, Our beautiful old gal Aerostar truly believes you are only as old as you feel and is a young horse at heart! She has been around UpReach longer than any of the other horses! Back when she first came to the program, Aerostar use to spend her summer trail riding in the beautiful woods of Maine.



16 year old Palomino Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding; 15.1 hh

Benefactor: Available for Adoption

Caretakers: Madison, Taylor, and Jack Geary & Owen and Alexa Lekebusch

Generously donated by Mike White, Boone is the favorite class clown of the UpReach herd with as much personality as his name might suggest. He is a gaited horse, meaning that he performs a foot-fall pattern outside of the traditional trot pattern that produces a very smooth ride. Boone loves to trail ride, and if his rider isn't paying attention, he loves to try and venture off the trail to the nearest patch of ferns to enjoy one of his favorite snacks.

Mr. Personality has a medium-build and very smooth gaits. He works with riders of many abilities from students improving balance and riding without reins to those riding independently at the walk and trot.



16 year old Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding; 15.2 hh

Benefactor: Available for Adoption

Caretaker: Granite State Independent Living

Donated by Kathleen Ford, Chance is the tallest member of the UpReach herd. This handsome guy has a few special talents, one of them the most unique at the barn; he likes to smile! If you stand in front of his stall and crinkle a peppermint wrapper over your head, he will lift his head and flip up his lip in the hopes of receiving a treat.

This good looking redhead is extremely strong and patient, making him perfect for the therapeutic riding program. He knows when to stand still waiting for his riders and volunteers to be settled before moving forward. While he enjoys helping his rider work on skills and playing a game or two in the arena, his favorite thing to do is hit the trail for a walk in the woods. He is often in the lead and has no problem keeping up with his friends, probably due to those long legs of his!



15 year old Blonde Haflinger mare; 14.2 hh

Benefactor: Available for Adoption

Caretaker: Wire Belt Company of America on behalf of David Greer

Donated by John Dixon, Clarissa is the alpha mare of UpReach and the boss both in the barn and out in the field. Affectionately known as the driving queen, Clarissa's talents really shine when she is sharing her skills with driving students and teaching cause and effect relationships. Don't let her beautiful coloring and gorgeous blonde locks fool you. Clarissa is a strong lady with the work ethic to match!

Clarissa is easily a favorite at the barn due to her sweet, loving temperament and gentle, kind demeanor. She is one of the most outwardly affectionate horses at the barn, looking to bond both with her students and volunteers. If you are having a bad day, a quick snuggle with Clarissa will surely cheer you up!



20-year-old Palomino Quarter Horse Gelding; 15 hh

Benefactor: Available for Adoption

Caretaker: Available for Adoption

Free-leased to the program by Greg Geisinger, Dawson was a backyard family horse before coming to live at UpReach. He is a good boy with a heart of gold and he aims to please. He is a gentleman with excellent manners and he's greatly enjoying living with the geldings and romping around the paddocks in his time off. Dawson can be a bit shy when he meets new people. So the first time you say hello, make sure to approach him calmly and quietly and he will soon get used to you and be more willing to socialize. His trot is a lovely western jog that you can sit to all day long!

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