Meet The Herd


22 year old Blonde Haflinger Mare; 13.2hh

Benefactor: Available for Adoption

Caretaker: Available for Adoption

Free-leased to us by the Boissoneau Family, Jilly is one of the most athletic horses at the UpReach barn and is both a powerhouse of strength and speed with the personality to match. She knows how to use her assets to her advantage, whether it is to carry riders on her back or to escape her paddock for a field trip. Our very own Houdini has mastered the "it wasn't me" expression, especially when something goes awry.

Underneath all her spunk is a hard working girl who loves people. Jilly is a goto pony and she always rises to the occasion of going above and beyond our expectations. After an hour of serious mental and physical work, Jilly is eager and willing for round two!



21-year-old Norwegian Ford Gelding; 14.3 hh

Benefactor: Available for Adoption

Caretaker: Available for Adoption

Donated to the program by Becky's Gift, Lars was a beloved backyard pony who loved to take trips to the local Dunkin Donuts with his owner and go through the drive thru. Nothing much fazes this guy - he's very social and has already made quite a few friends at UpReach, bot two-legged and four-legged.




Info coming soon!




lila23 year old Chestnut Welsh/Newfoundland Pony Mare, 12.3hh

Benefactor: Available for Adoption

Caretaker: Lynn Eastman, Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Donated by Diane Considine, Lila is the second smallest member of our herd. But don't let her small size fool you! Our little Lila is the UpReach flirt. This tough cookie has been through a few injuries in the past years, but she doesn't let anything keep her down.

Lila is a steady pony who is equally comfortable with the smallest of students taking their first ride, as she is with some of our youngsters developing independence.Her small size and easy going temperament make her a great choice for the program. Lila is a great listener and a great friend to have!



18 year old Blonde Haflinger mare, 14hh

Benefactor: Michael Kerr

Caretaker: Available for adoption

Purchased for the program by a friend of UpReach, Lulu is the blondest babe of all the UpReach horses and isn't like any other girl around... she despises wearing shoes! Most girls would love a new pair of shoes, but not our Lulu who prefers being barefoot. In the summer months she wears a pair of blue boots, which protect her feet from getting banged up on the rocks on the trail. In the winter, however, she gets to enjoy being barefoot in both the pasture and arena.

Lulu is one of the most patient ponies we have ever met, that is of course unless something involves food. If it is dinner time, she is the first one to bang on her stall door; a gentle reminder that she has not, in fact, been fed yet. Just in case you forgot! Lulu aims to please and is responsive to cues given by her student in riding or driving and stands quietly in the ramp while students transfer from wheelchair to horseback.

Visit UpReach on YouTube to see clips of her pulling the cart.

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